What It Is NOT

If you work with ten Alexander teachers, you will see ten different ways of teaching the same work.
A hundred teachers? A hundred different ways.

This can be confusing to someone looking for a teacher.

To help you work out whether the lessons I offer match what you are looking for, here are the key differences in how I teach. What I think the Alexander Technique IS and what it is NOT.

It is NOT

  • correct posture
  • like Yoga or Pilates
  • a set of exercises to repeat
  • standing up straight
  • lying down on a table with your knees up
  • relaxing while the teacher does all the work


  • about movement and moving
  • based on normal, everyday activities
  • challenging
  • stimulating and rewarding
  • about getting more out of life

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“The aim ... is to bring about at all times and for all purposes, not a series of correct positions or postures, but a
co-ordinated use of the mechanisms in general.”

FM Alexander