Links & Further Reading

Useful Links

ITM: background on Karen’s teaching association, and a worldwide list of other ITM-qualified teachers.
CNHC: details of UK regulation process and register of practitioners.

Further Reading – Online

  • Get a regular mini-lesson completely free from my blog.
  • For more mini-lessons with a different slant, I recommend Jen Mackerras who is currently writing the best blog on the internet (apart from mine, of course).
  • For loads of background detail, the best place to start is The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique, an excellent compilation site run by Robert Rickover in America.

Further Reading – On Paper

The very best introduction to the Alexander Technique is “What You Think Is What You Get” by Don Weed (ITM publications). Packed with information in a friendly, easy-to-read style, it bears many re-readings.

To buy, contact Simon Gore (Soul Food) at He will be happy to help. There are currently a few copies being advertised on Amazon, but be aware these can prove rather expensive. Simon has plenty of copies, which he sells for £18 plus p&p.