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How To Choose the Best Activity For Alexander Class

In my lessons the student chooses the activity we look at. Some people love having a choice. Others find it causes great heartache. Here’s my 10-point plan to de-stress the choosing process:- 1. Bear in mind why you choose; if

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Even More Alexander Technique Freebies

Last time I talked about the voucher system of Alexander freebies, and collecting odd moments to practice.  Today, some more freebies. Our starting question is ‘What do you learn from?’  Not “what do people in general learn from?” but “What do you

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Alexander Technique Freebies

Let’s face it, Alexander Technique lessons are a high quality product, and they don’t come cheap. So wouldn’t it be nice if there were a few freebies thrown in as well?  Students often bring this up, indirectly. “How many lessons

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The Alexander Technique and DIY

This is a wall.                 And these are shelves.               No, this hasn’t mysteriously changed into a DIY blog. Just bear with me a little while, and

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How Not To Overload The Alexander Technique

Last time I talked about the concept of overloading; Alexander ideas are resilient, but sometimes the student is not. Taking on a challenging new idea and immediately trying to use it with a large, difficult and stubborn problem is likely

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An Alexander Technique Perspective on Hurrying

Hurrying is a perilous occupation. To demonstrate this, find yourself a bench or a seat in a cafe that overlooks a busy street. Sit, and spend a while watching the people pass. In particular watch out for the people that

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The right Alexander Technique mirror

The question of whether you should use a mirror in your Alexander work has rolled around for a very long time, pretty much since FM Alexander developed his technique back in the 1890s.  He used a mirror; in fact he used several

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Why getting it wrong was so important to the Alexander Technique

I have a multiple choice question for you. Let’s say you realise that you’ve been getting something wrong for a very long time.  Is your response most like… a) Oh no!  This is terrible!! How could I be so stupid? 

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I Can’t Reach The High Notes

It’s not just singers who struggle with high notes! For the third of my mini-series looking at making the best use of what you’ve got I’m looking at musicians, particularly string players, and the issue of how to get those

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I Can’t Chop Parsnips!

Q: What has chopping parsnips got to do with the Alexander Technique? A: Everything. Q: How come? A: Because the Alexander Technique is about making the best use of what you’ve got. By which I don’t mean finishing up those

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