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Teacher Malfunction

Let’s start the blogging year off with a juicy, controversial question: Would you take lessons from a teacher you knew occasionally made mistakes? Tricky one, isn’t it(*).  Especially because, although the Alexander Technique is strictly speaking a form of education,

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FM Alexander’s Journey

  Reality TV loves a good ‘personal journey’.  But forget histrionics for the camera – FM Alexander was there 120 years ago, very quietly transforming his life.  So what was his journey made up of, with no audience, no judges

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A Connoisseur Of Mistakes

CONNOISSEUR: a person with a well-informed knowledge and appreciation(§) Last time I talked about how you respond to “getting it wrong”, and ways of moving from option (a) “Oh no!  This is terrible!! How could I be so stupid?” to

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Why getting it wrong was so important to the Alexander Technique

I have a multiple choice question for you. Let’s say you realise that you’ve been getting something wrong for a very long time.  Is your response most like… a) Oh no!  This is terrible!! How could I be so stupid? 

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Buffaloes in the Alexander Technique

If you watch any nature program that involves buffaloes (or bison, musk ox etc), sooner or later they will show footage of the mating season, in which two very determined animals run towards each other at great speed and DONOT

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Getting Out Of It

Now that you have got over your sofa guilt (see my last post), and are happily sitting in your favourite couch, you may have run into the second problem good Alexander students have with sofas. How to get out of

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Sofa Guilt

There is one item of furniture that causes fear and consternation within the Alexander world. Students struggle with it. Teachers are troubled by it. This is it: Look at those soft cushions, the deep seat, the squashy backrest, the enticing

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Ways and Means

You hear ‘means’ a lot, used as a verb:  ‘he really means it this time’ ‘that sign means you cannot turn left’ Intends.  Signifies.  Denotes.  Conveys.  And so on. But it can also be a noun.  As in these common(ish)

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Same or Different?

FM Alexander, inventor (or discoverer, take your pick) of the Alexander Technique, described his work as “investigations in a new field of practical experimentation upon the living human being”(*). Yow!!  That sounds, well, DIFFICULT.  Most of us would hesitate to

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Reading the Alexander Technique

How much do you read about the Alexander Technique?  a) Loads    b) A bit    c) Nothing at all If you answered (a) – great, keep it up. If you answered (b) or (c), maybe you need to take a leaf

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