Alexander Technique Freebies

Let’s face it, Alexander Technique lessons are a high quality product, and they don’t come cheap. So wouldn’t it be nice if there were a few freebies thrown in as well?  Students often bring this up, indirectly. “How many lessons does it take to learn this?” they say, which is usually a very polite way of asking “How much is it going to cost me?”

Usually I talk about the need to practice what you have covered in lessons. To think through the ideas, to experiment with doing things differently, to challenge your old assumptions.  As often as possible.  The more you do this, the fewer lessons it takes.  However, it’s hard to make lots of time for this sort of practice.  You’re a busy person.

So why not collect freebies? You don’t need a whole afternoon sat on an isolated mountain top.  Your life is full of spare moments to step back and do some Alexander thinking.  Brief, but valuable.

While you are cleaning your teeth.
While you are waiting for the kettle to boil.
While you are sitting at traffic lights.
While the adverts are on tv.
While you are waiting for someone to answer their phone.
While you are walking to the bathroom.
While you are sitting on the bus or the tube.
While you are in the supermarket checkout queue.

Clearly, these are freebies you find for yourself. No teacher has yet managed to project a ghostly voice into your kitchen, or ghostly hands into the supermarket (I’m not sure you would want them to).  Think of it more as a kind of voucher system, where you have to present and claim the vouchers for yourself on the spot.

“Is your kettle slow to boil?” “Present your Alexander Voucher now!”
“Long walk to the bathroom?” “Present your Alexander Voucher now!”
“No-one answering the phone?” “Present your Alexander Voucher now!”

If you counted up all these moments you would find you had a considerable chunk of extra Alexander in your week. How much more does it cost?  Nothing.

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CNHC and ITM registered Alexander Technique teacher.

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One comment on “Alexander Technique Freebies
  1. sonialiff says:

    You underestimate your powers. Your ‘ghostly’ voice appears in all kinds of strange contexts!

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