The Alexander Technique and DIY

This is a wall.









And these are shelves.








No, this hasn’t mysteriously changed into a DIY blog. Just bear with me a little while, and imagine that you need to put up some of those shelves on that wall.

In your recent past, your nearest and dearest have given you two very thoughtful gifts,





namely, a power drill and a power screwdriver. Wonderful contraptions!  They make drilling holes and putting screws into those holes really quick easy.

Now imagine that you can’t put off the shelves any longer. So you get up one bright Saturday morning, determined to get the job done.  You get out the shelves, measuring tape, pencil etc.  Four shelves, two brackets each, three screws per bracket.  24 holes to make, 24 screws to put in.  A morning’s work.

So next you get out your power drill and power screwdriver, right?

Well, no. Actually, what you get out are these:-

An old-fashioned manual screwdriver, and an ancient, rusty hand-turned drill.   And these are what you use.  Twenty-four times over.  It takes you days and days, with much swearing and sore muscles.  You get there, but quick and easy it is not.

So what happened to the lovely new power tools?   Well, they are here:-

Somewhere. Tucked away on a shelf at the back of the garage, buried under a pile of other stuff.  Which is where they stay.  And all the speed and ease of working stays there with them.  Well, by now you’ve probably worked out that there is a point to all these photos.

The story applies equally to the Alexander Technique.  You come to lessons, and you get given the mental equivalent of a power drill. You learn to use it really well.  But if you stick it on the mental equivalent of an overcrowded shelf at the back of the garage and leave it there, it is of no help whatsoever.

The Alexander Technique will only work if you use it.


Photo credits
wall Created by Freepik
shelves Creative Commons CC0, via Pixabay
hand screwdriver Creative Commons CC0, via Pixabay
power screwdriver Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee via
power drill Creative Commons CC0, via pixabay
hand drill Drewparen via Wikimedia Commons
garage Creative Commons CC0, via Pixabay

CNHC and ITM registered Alexander Technique teacher.

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