I Can’t Reach The Shelf!

Sometimes it’s really, really important to get something down from a very high shelf.  Like here, for instance:-

75 high shelf pic1

Assuming you’ve not gone shopping with a tall friend, what do you do?  I’ll bet you stretch and strain and struggle.  Most people do.

Stop right there.   Take a little minute.  Consider what you’ve got and how you can use it.

Arms, hands, legs, knees, feet, hips, spine, neck – you’ve got lots of moveable parts.  Check out what they are all up to.   And whether they could be up to something more useful.

You can even give yourself a checklist.  A bit like this…

straight or bent? (straight gives you a better reach, bent gets round corners.  Right now I’m going for straight)

One hand, two hands? (depends how big your hands are and how small the bottle is.  Or should that be the other way round?)

hunching?  (hunching is not good.  you can get a lotta extra inches if you let your torso extend)

how far away are you standing? (the closer you get, the more reach you have.  I’m getting in real close, but not so close I knock something off the shelf)

up on tip-toes? (really up on tip-toes?  as far as they will go?)

are you planning to see what you’re doing? (looking is a good idea, squeezing your neck isn’t.  I’m going for tilting head back and looking carefully)

Great, you’ve got the beer, no strain no struggle.  Unless…

Ok, this isn’t part of you, but if no checklist is going to get you to that top shelf, you gotta accept what you can’t do and ask for help.

But we’ve missed out the most important question.  Beer, lager, ale, pale, mild, stout, European, American, bottle, tin…

CNHC and ITM registered Alexander Technique teacher.

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2 comments on “I Can’t Reach The Shelf!
  1. Helen Clarke says:

    Can’t reach the shelf…. is that because I’m ON the shelf?!!! Another excellent blog, AAT  xxx


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