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filling the kettle,  closing the curtains, pressing the remote control, turning on a tap, opening a DVD case, lighting a candle, putting up a garden chair, plugging in a drill, taking the lid off a jar, tying shoelaces, pouring milk, putting on the handbrake, opening a laptop, taking a note out of a wallet


pushing back a chair, turning a key, putting toothpaste on the toothbrush, brushing the cat, holding open a door, picking up a pen,  peeling an orange, turning back the duvet, opening a drawer, putting up an umbrella, typing your pin number into the machine, ordering a beer, folding the newspaper


cutting up a pizza, opening a can of paint, pushing a shopping trolley, folding a t-shirt, adjusting the car seat, lighting a barbeque, emptying the compost caddy, lifting the lid on the wheelie bin, putting the lead on the dog, undoing a button, turning up the oven, moving the table, scratching your nose


How much of your life comes under the heading of ‘stuff’?
How much of that ‘stuff’ are you doing using the Alexander Technique?


Image courtesy of Carlos Porto /

CNHC and ITM registered Alexander Technique teacher.

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