Just Standing

Everyone knows what standing is.  It’s simple.  You put your feet on the floor, and point your body at the sky.  Just standing, always the same, only one way to do it.  Or is there?

Take a look at this:-

44 stickmen v2

Five stick people.  All of them clearly standing.   But no two are alike.  Look a little more closely at the detail.  The angle of the arms, the legs, the shoulders.  The amount of bend at the knees.  The amount of lean in the torso.  All different.

Now have a look at this group of people.  Do you recognise them?

44 just standing pic

Try again:-

44 stickmen v1

That’s right, they are my stick figures.  I don’t know any of them, but they are real people, modelling for a photo that could be used in a dozen different blog topics(*).   They’ve probably been told to be ‘typical students’.  Clearly none of them has a major disability or physical deformity.  Yet not one of them is standing exactly like any of the others.  All of them are creating their own unique angles, leans, distortions and lines of exertion.

What does that say about our ideas of “just standing”?

(*) the photo is by Ambro via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

CNHC and ITM registered Alexander Technique teacher.

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7 comments on “Just Standing
  1. Mary Jessop says:

    Hi Karen,

    thanks for this. Very interesting.

    It came through on my old wanadoo account. Maybe that’s what happened to the other ones which didn’t arrive.


    • Hi Mary, glad you enjoyed! I think you may have to physically unsubscribe from your old email id, and then subscribe with your new one. The blogs get sent out automatically by WordPress to the ids that people give when they subscribe (unlike the emails I send out myself). Karen

  2. YogaGift says:

    Reblogged this on YogaGift.

    • Hi there (is it Catherine?), I hope your readers enjoy the article. It’s interesting timing, you picking up on this right now. I have a number of students looking at yoga in lessons at the moment, to see how the AT helps the poses. Maybe a good topic for another blog! Karen

      • YogaGift says:

        Hi Karen,Interesting timing indeed as I’d love to know more about AT – maybe we should talk! Catherine

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Catherine, that would be great. do you want to email me your contact details, I’m on ashbyalexandertechnique@yahoo.co.uk, and we can work out a time. Karen

  4. YogaGift says:

    I’ve dropped you an email, looking forward to putting our heads together!

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