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The Trendy Technique

This week the Alexander Technique got seriously trendy. Well, we got an article in OK! magazine, telling us that some seriously trendy people have Alexander lessons. If you’ve never read OK!(*), it’s one of a clutch of celebrity gossip magazines.

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Don’t forget the hip joints!

Eavesdrop on any Alexander lesson that involves the legs, and sooner or later you are likely to hear the following conversation:- Karen:       so what do you need to do to achieve this? Student:   I need to bend my legs Karen:

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Just Standing

Everyone knows what standing is.  It’s simple.  You put your feet on the floor, and point your body at the sky.  Just standing, always the same, only one way to do it.  Or is there? Take a look at this:-

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Your role as a student

Over breakfast this morning a quote caught my eye: Are young musicians prepared to make the most of their lessons?  Some are. But many are not, because, through no fault of their own, they’re unclear about their roles as students

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