A little while ago, I wrote a two-parter on asking questions (A Good Place To Start & Ask Better Questions).   Here’s the first of another two-parter, this time on answers.

If you’re still struggling with the questions, that’s fine.  Stick with it.  But for those old hands who are already asking brilliant questions, the next stage to consider is this:

Answer the questions yourself

By now you should have seen a whole bunch of Alexander ideas modelled in lessons.  Repeatedly.  You’ve tried them out.  Repeatedly.  The other people in your group have tried them out.  Repeatedly.

You don’t really need to wait for the teacher to tell you how to go about it.  Not any more.

You have the tools, you have the hours of practice.  And you have the blessing of FM Alexander.  Early on in his career, he wrote this:

I wish to do away with such teachers as I am myself…  Every man, woman and child holds the possibility of physical perfection; it rests with each of us to attain it by personal understanding and effort.(*)

A teacher is still useful.  She (or he) can remind you of the things you have forgotten, point out your blind spots, encourage and motivate, and push you beyond your existing boundaries.   She can help you improve your answers.  But you don’t need her to provide the answers in the first place.

41 answeryourself pic1

Mark Josefsberg, who teaches in the US, put it like this(**):

Who is the best Alexander Technique teacher in New York City?  Alexander Technique teachers help their students become their own Alexander teacher. Ultimately it is the student who learns the principles, applies them, and teaches themselves during the course of their everyday lives. So … who is the best Alexander Technique teacher in New York City or anywhere else? You are!(***)

I couldn’t put it better.

(*) Man’s Supreme Inheritance, p.5 IRDEAT edition
(**) much as I would like to pinch his title, ‘Who is the best Alexander Technique teacher in Ashby de la Zouch?’ really doesn’t have the same ring. 
(***)  it’s a wonderful blog, I recommend you read the rest of it.

CNHC and ITM registered Alexander Technique teacher.

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2 comments on “YOUR OWN ANSWERS
  1. Thanks so much for the share, Karen!
    Mark Josefsberg-Alexander Technique NYC

  2. Geetha.d says:

    Hi karen,

    Different teachers responds differently to questions.

    1. Some teachers sees ego in questions?
    2. And some teachers sees selfishness, angry in questions
    3. Some teachers think , they are TESTING them with questions.
    4. Some teachers answers questions, intensionally missing some thing important matter in that answer what they are giving to others.
    5. Some teachers afraid to touch the anotomy in their answers. And makes the alexander technique mysterious by using the words UP DOWN AWAY etc.
    6. Some teachers not at all willing to answer.since, they are not paying for the answer.
    My opinion is the discussions makes the new possibilities to emerge.
    The student should ask the teacher questions, and the teacher responds to it.

    One secret is FM alexander who was the developer of the alexander technique was not having a certificate to teach.

    I think who is not giving more importance to money, and teaching faithfully to the students is the best teacher.

    Then, who is the best teacher?
    Ans@you are.

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