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Better Answers

If you’ve been following BiteSize recently, you might have seen a pattern emerging. Ask questions.  Ask better questions. Give your own answers.  And now, Give Better Answers. Which raises the question, “how do I improve on my own answers?”  Here

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A little while ago, I wrote a two-parter on asking questions (A Good Place To Start & Ask Better Questions).   Here’s the first of another two-parter, this time on answers. If you’re still struggling with the questions, that’s fine.  Stick

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Modelling the Alexander Technique

What does the word ‘modelling’ conjure up for you?  The catwalk? Aardman?  Airfix?  It’s not a word usually associated with Alexander lessons. Which is a shame, because an Alexander lesson is (about) 30 minutes of concentrated modelling.  Let me explain.

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Doing It Right

Last time, in , in Ask Better Questions, I promised to explain why my very first question to avoid is, “Am I Doing It Right?”    After all, “doing it right” sounds like a perfectly reasonable approach.  Doesn’t it? 1.  ANXIETY

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