Beating The Blues


Next week my local library is running a session called ‘Beating the Blues’.  It aims to help people get over that grey, damp, back-to-work, sickness-bug-going-around, still-gets-dark-early, mid-winter dip.   When I saw the advert I thought, ‘I could fit into this!’.  There will be stalls, leaflets, practitioners of ‘talking’ therapies, free mini-massages, someone from the Leisure Centre with an exercise machine for people to try and so on.   Definitely the place for some Alexander Technique.

But then it occurred to me that it might not be obvious to everyone how and why it would fit in so well.   Time for a brief explanation – what does the Alexander Technique have to do with beating the blues?

First answer.  The Alexander Technique makes you calmer, more positive, more stable and grounded, less neurotic, less stuck, more able to deal with problems and difficult times.  Oh, and easier to live with(*).  Exactly how it achieves this is a long discussion, and really needs a whole blog to itself.  But I can promise you, it does.

Second answer.  The Alexander Technique:-

  • Opens up ways to improve the ordinary things you are doing, so you feel better about them, and about yourself
  • Gives you new tools to deal with the annoying things you’ve been struggling with for a long time without success
  • Stretches the boundaries of just how good you can be at the hobbies you really want to be good at
  • Removes levels of pain and tiredness that have resisted rest, medication and exercise

And in a grey and gloomy January, these are all things worth having.

So, if you’re in Ashby de la Zouch next Tuesday morning, 15th January, between 10 and 12, drop in to the library and say hello.  Get a massage, try the rowing machine, have a 5-minute Alexander lesson.  Find yourself some options to help beat the blues.

(*) this last bit comes from my husband.  He should know.
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CNHC and ITM registered Alexander Technique teacher.

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4 comments on “Beating The Blues
  1. Geetha.d says:

    Hi karen,
    wish you happy alexander new year.
    Hope FM technique will take every body into conscious deep thoughts of GOOD USE, which paradoxically can not be explained with english words.

  2. Thanks for this, Karen. Perhaps, as Geetha said, the Alexander Technique cannot be explained in words. However, it is imperative for Alexander Technique teachers to try! The Alexander Technique does too much good in too many areas not to.
    Mark josefsberg-Alexander Technique NYC

    • Hi Mark,

      glad you liked. It is definitely one of the challenges of teaching the Alexander Technique, to try and explain in words what a person can only really discover for themselves by trying it out. But as you say, there is too much good in this work to not try, and it’s so rewarding when a student does finally get it! Karen

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