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Ask Better Questions

Last week we looked at a Good Place To Start (ie. Asking Questions).  Now let’s assume you’ve done that.  You’ve worked hard, thought often, and you find yourself asking questions at all odd hours of day and night.  This is

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I’m going to make an admission:- Sometimes when people first start the Alexander Technique, they get a little bewildered. There are so many new ideas, such big ideas, so different from what they are used to.  Quite naturally, they want

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In The Saddle

A little while ago I got the chance to teach my first Alexander riding lessons. Not in the classroom on a saddle stand, but in the riding arena on horseback. It was an amazing experience. My students learnt a lot.

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Beating The Blues

Next week my local library is running a session called ‘Beating the Blues’.  It aims to help people get over that grey, damp, back-to-work, sickness-bug-going-around, still-gets-dark-early, mid-winter dip.   When I saw the advert I thought, ‘I could fit into this!’. 

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