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Getting Out of the Car

I’ve been thinking a lot about getting out of my car just lately.  No special reason, just a great lesson that stayed with me.  We stuck to the usual Alexander process, we reasoned out what you need to do, we

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Have you ever found it hard to maintain your Alexander thinking?(*).   You’re going along just fine, your thinking is in good shape, then something happens and it just seems to blow your Alexander thinking way off course. The analogy I

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‘A’ is for Progress

There is a point in every student’s Alexander progress when they start gnashing their teeth in frustration.  The reason?  They remember their Alexander thinking too late.  Now I know you always get another chance, the very next time you repeat

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A Perfect Demonstration

Last week I talked about what makes group classes so different, ie. the ability to watch and learn.  This week, I want to celebrate the wonderful students who came to that first class. You see, they did watch, and they

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