Concrete Steps

Last week I wrote about potentialities, and just how far the Alexander Technique reaches.

If you’ve been there and done even a little bit of the reaching, then what I wrote will make absolute sense.  If you haven’t, it may well be rather vague.  Possibly even bewildering, which makes it a good time for some concrete examples.  Not a whole car park’s worth of concrete, but just a small stairway, a few slabs here and there to give you a firmer footing.

So here they are, some of the wider things the Alexander Technique brings you, in no particular order:-

  • Clearer idea of strategy needed to win at sports, while it’s happening
  • Capacity to change how you land when you fall over
  • Calming panic attacks
  • Calmer generally
  • Conquering stage fright
  • Making boring chores fun
  • The wherewithal to move from a job you do to a job you love
  • Ability to throw accurately
  • Sleeping better
  • Better understanding of other people, and why they behave the way they do
  • Becoming easier to live with
  • The breadth of vision to see when your life is getting narrow and stifled, &
  • The corresponding self awareness to work out what to do to remedy the situation
  • The courage to take a big leap into the unknown
  • Never accepting “that’s just how it’s done” as an excuse for mediocrity
  • A better balance between the different elements needed for happiness in the long term
  • More realistic about what you can change, and what you can’t change
  • Planning skills to make long term projects more likely to succeed
  • The courage to follow your dreams and ambitions
  • The permission to have dreams and ambitions in the first place
  • Better problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills
  • Lots of options for making difficult things better

Apologies for the confusion of grammar.  Some of these are my own, some are from other teachers, some from students; but I promise you one thing – they are all real.   Please let me know your own personal triumphs, so I can add them to the list.
 Photo: DOWN STAIRS © Paige Foster |

CNHC and ITM registered Alexander Technique teacher.

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