Horse Riding Clinics: New for Autumn 2019!

Tackle your riding problems in a completely different way using the Alexander Technique. Look at how you affect your horse, get to the root of postural problems, and learn to communicate better with your horse.

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Move Well or Move Badly

Do you get frustrated by how badly you move? Never quite do well enough in the activities you carry out?   Too many aches and pains?

You CAN learn to move well.  In Alexander Technique lessons I will teach you all the skills and tools you need to transform your entire way of moving.

Take Up the Challenge

If you are someone who likes to make your own decisions and take charge of your life then my lessons will be ideally suited to you.  Every session is stimulating, challenging and rewarding.

Unexpected Results

It’s difficult to describe the surprise, almost a shock, students get when they learn to use the techniques for themselves.  It is so very different from almost anything else in life.  We are talking about the absence of old problems and restrictions, and the prospect of life without them.  Easier, lighter, faster.  Less painful, more proficient, more successful.

Bespoke Tuition

Your problems are different to anyone else’s.  That’s why my lessons are never standardised.  Together we consider where you are going wrong, and how to put it right.

Give It a Try

Find out more with a “Try It Out” session, completely FREE.  In 40 minutes you will get a feel for how the Alexander Technique works, and a chance to ask all the questions you like.

Give me a call on 07852 705701 or email hello@ashbyalexander.co.uk


"Try It Out" session

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